GPS Finance enForcer Tracking Device

GPS Finance enForcer is a Pay-Per-Use vehicle location & recovery system providing 24/7 On-Demand Location from any Internet Browser.

When You've Tried the Rest....and You're Ready for the BEST!!

As Low As $159.95 Each (Locate-Only Model)

Sold in 10-Unit minimum orders, each tracking device includes 50 FREE Locates. Vehicle Starter Interrupt is optional.

GPS Finance enForcers have NO MONTHLY FEES and....... NO ACTIVATION FEES....Save Money Now!

Based on Digital Wireless technology, the GPS Finance enForcer is designed for DELINQUINCY MANAGEMENT, CAR PAYMENT COLLECTIONS and CAR RENTAL RETURNS.

Ideal for BUSINESS OWNERS related to Vehicle Finance, such as, BHPH Car Dealers, Rental Car companies, etc., this system is an advanced Internet-based Automobile Loan Collection tool and is a proven and reliable system.

Already a GPS Finance enForcer customer? If your Locates have expired on the website and you need to purchase additional Locates, you can purchase Application Credits by contacting us.

Click here for GPS Finance enForcer Product Features; for hardware details see Hardware Specification; get pricing details at DirectTRAX Pricing.

Digital Network coverage spans North America, Mexico, Canada, Europe and beyond. Check out our road-test results during our Alaska Road Trip in 2007!


Reduce payment Delinquencies and cost of your Collections with Audible WARNING & STARTER DISABLE modes. LOCATE & ENABLE modes will assist with your Monday morning repo's. Each gps-equipped automobile can be controlled using any Internet browser.

The GPS Finance enForcer website application, shown below, is advanced and color-coded so that you can quickly and easily review the current status of all your gps-equipped accounts receivables.

FIGURE BELOW: Vehicle Tracking Website Application


Color-coded account status allows you to quickly review your accounts receivables.

GREEN - Customers Paying On Time

YELLOW - Delinquent

RED - Vehicle In-Repossession







GPS Finance enForcer Vehicle Tracking Features

Product Features

GPS Finance enForcer Tracking Device

Infrequent or Casual Tracking


Digital Cellular Service, includes Superior Coverage due to MVNO network infrastructure


Real-time On Demand Location, Speed, Direction


Scheduler for Automated Tracking


Historical Location Information


Remote Door Unlock

Coming Soon

Remote Vehicle Starter Interrupt

Yes, inclues Easy & Flawless Installation

Locate Multiple Cars Simultaneously


Multiple Logins for all types of employees


User-Defined Groups for Account Types, i.e. 14-Day Delinquent, Repo'ed

Alerts for Geo-Fence (Crossing Boundaries)


Alerts for Low Battery


Alerts for Device Tampering After Starter Interrupt Enabled

Alerts for Dead Battery


Cell Phone & Email Support


Advanced Fields for Vehicle & Account Descriptions

OTA (Over The Air) Programming






GPS Finance enForcer "Pay-Per-Use" Credit Applications

Pay-Per-Use Vehicle Tracking solutions have no monthly fees, you pay for cellular usage as-you-go. Application Credits are units of cellular airtime that are required to perform Location requests on the GPS Finance enForcer tracking website. The fee for each Application Credit is $0.50.

  • Application Credits are pool-able (or can be shared) across all vehicles.
  • Application Credits never expire.
  • 100 Application Credits (or 50 Free Locates) are included with every new tracking device.

A set number of Application Credits is required for each GPS command:

    LOCATE = 2 Credits or $1.00
    WARN = 2 Credits or $1.00
    DISABLE = 3 Credits or $1.50
    ALERTS = 1 CREDIT OR $0.50

PURCHASE ADDITIONAL APPLICATION CREDITS. If you ever run out of website Application Credits, a minimum order of $25.00 or 50-Application Credits can be purchased by contacting DirectTRAX by phone.




GPS Finance enForcer Vehicle Tracking Hardware Specifications

General Specifications

GPS Finance enForcer Tracking Device

Physical Size:

W 2” x L 3 ” x H 1”

Digital Cellular Service

850/900/1800/1900 MHZ

GSM/GPRS Quad-Band, with Automatic Switching between Bands

Backup Battery


Transferable to other vehicles


External Covert GPS Antenna


External Cellular Antenna


Mapping System


  • Street Maps & Photographic Imagery
  • 360-Degree Bird's Eye Viewing



Low Power Consumption


Hardware Warranty

1 Year


The GPS Finance enForcer's reliability and high-performance hardware is second to none. Under gruesome roads, mountains, and extreme weather conditions, this system performed like a champ during our GPS tacking performance test en route to Alaska in 2007! We traveled from Tallahassee, Florida, thru Canada and to our final destination, the Arctic Circle in Alaska. Check out some of our really cool mapping images of our Alaska Road Trip.

Live Demo and Customer References for the GPS Finance enForcer vehicle tracking system are available upon request. The GPS Finance enForcer is a trademark of DirectTRAX, LLC.

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