Vehicle Tracking for Fleet Managers

With today’s increased gasoline costs, many fleets have struggled to sustain productivity and profits.  Vehicle maintenance expenses, employee overtime abuse, poor driver behavior, and the lack of knowledge of how your drivers are behaving are other factors that can cause any fleet to become inefficient.

If you are a Fleet Manager and you want the power to control your fleet and your drivers, DirectTRAX GPS Fleet Management solutions will benefit you and your organization.  Our systems put you in the position to:

  • Know where your drivers are located 24/7
  • Change driver behavior
  • Improve your fleet’s productivity, response time and customer service
  • Reduce overtime, mileage & vehicle maintenance 
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Obtain knowledge of estimated time of arrival
  • Identify vehicles due for maintenance 
  • Eliminate employee use of your vehicles for side jobs or weekend activities

DirectTRAX GPS fleet solutions are affordable and we have a tracking solution to meet budgets from, small to large businesses. DirectTRAX GPS Fleet Trackers and Trimble’s TrimWeb fleet solution allows you to select from a variety of GPS tracking features and service plans. Return on investment from GPS fleet solutions usually occurs within 2 months!

Let DirectTRAX take your company to the next business level. We establish and sustain a long-lasting relationship with all customers. We provide the tools to turn your vehicles into a efficient and working fleet. A dedicated account manager and a team will assist you in setup, installation, integration, and consultation. Our customer service is 2nd to none. We want another happy customer. Contact us for a Free Consultation.

Know where your drivers are RIGHT NOW!



  • Casual & Infrequent or Continuous (minute-to-minute) Tracking options

  • Real-time Location, Mapping, Direction, Speed Limit, Reporting, and Work Force Management Application using the Internet

  • Live Status & Dispatch Window

    Be alerted when drivers arrive and depart from user-defined sites

  • Be aware of high-risk drivers that excessively speed

  • Remote Door Unlock & Starter Disable

  • Dispatch closest employee to service call from intelligent mapping application

  • Mechanical Sensor Integration

  • 2-Way Display & Text Messaging (PTO)

  • Garmin Nuvi Navigation Integration (optional)

  • Reports include: Activity Summary, Event, Position, Employee Congregation, Engine hours/mileage, Start & Stops, Company Speed Limits

  • DriverSafe and Driver Identification Services

  • Low Monthly Fees!



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