GPS Vehicle Security Devices

GPS Vehicle Security systems use state-of-the art GPS Satellites to obtain precision Vehicle Location data. Vehicle Location data is tranmitted over superior Digital Wireless Networks, offering 98% coverage nationwide; including parts of Canada and Mexico. GPS systems allow you to logon to the Internet and Locate, Control & Moniter your vehicle. GPS Security systems allow you to assist in the recovery of your vehicle if it is stolen.

Continuous (or minute-to-minute) and On-Demand Systems are available. Some GPS Security systems require a low-cost monthly service plan fee for each GPS-equipped vehicle. DirectTRAX offers 2 Anti-Theft & Recovery models, see below.


GOTCHA AUTO Security System



Advanced Vehicle Security, Tracking & Recovery


gpsguarddog trademark

GPS GuardDog Tracking Devices

Affordable Vehicle Security System; provides Basic Vehicle Security & Tracking needs




The Facts About Vehicle Security Systems

Car Alarms

Car Alarms can be costly, these systems range from $500-$1000. Installation involves a huge mess of wires and hours of installation time. A professional installation can range from $100 to $300.

Car Alarms offer no method of recovering your vehicle, once stolen.

On-Star Services

On-Star, available on new vehicles only, can be a solution for anti-theft & recovery. However, On-Star is not the most ecomical; resulting in escalated monthly fees after the 1st year.

With On-Star your vehicle security investment is lost if you sell your car; On-Star can not be transfered to other vehicles.

LoJack Security Systems

LoJack offers vehicle security; however, LoJack is costly, ranging from $600 to $900.

Your LoJack investment can be lost; LoJack systems are not transferrable to other vehicles.

LoJack offers 50-70% coverage nationwide. LoJack transmits Vehicle Location data using FM radio frequency, resulting in loss of signal.

GPS Anti-Theft & Recovery Systems

GPS Anti-Theft & Recovery systems are affordable and the most economical; prices range from $300-$500.

GPS Anti-Theft & Recovery systems use state-of-the art GPS Satellites to obtain precision Vehicle Location data; and in most cases the location result occurs within 20 feet.

GPS Anti-Theft & Recovery systems use Digital Wireless networks to transmit Vehicle Location data. GPS Anti-Theft & Recovery systems offer 98% coverage nationwide and includes parts of Canada and Mexico.

GPS Anti-Theft & Recovery systems allow individuals to login to the Internet and locate, monitor and assist in the recovery of your vehicle.

GPS Anti-Theft & Recovery systems allow individuals to control your vehicle; unlock doors, vehicle starter interrupt, etc.

GPS Anti-Theft & Recovery systems offer a long term and secure vehicle security investment; these systems can be easily transferred to other vehicles. GPS Anti-Theft & Recovery systems are easy to install.


GPS Security Systems are Ideal For



  • Low-Cost Vehicle Security & Recovery System; includes Vehicle Starter Interrupt
  • Get "Peace of Mind", locate your vehicle 24/7 on the Internet
  • Offers Real-time Location, Speed and Direction
  • Long-Term Security Investment
  • Transferable to other vehicles
  • Easy Installation
  • 98% Nationwide Digital Wireless Coverage
  • Insurance companies recognize GPS trackers as the ultimate Anti-Theft & Vehicle Recovery device; if eligible, you can receive a 5- 25% discount.



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Transportation of the Disabled or Elderly

Family Members & Spouses

Mobile Home Healthcare Nurses

Hurricane & Natural Disaster Evacuees

RV Campers & Travelers

Firefighters & EMT’s

College Students

Car Collectors / Anti-Theft Protection

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