Vehicle Finance & Rental Car Applications

The GPS Finance enForcer vehicle tracking system provides you with the necessary tools to control Car Payment Delinquencies & Collections in Today's stressed economy. This solution is designed for businesses similar to,

Turn your head, and you'll see another Buy-Here-Pay-Here Car Dealership with the sign in the front that says, "OUT OF BUSINESS"....not because they couldn't collect their car payments...but because of the ADDED expense...of trying to collect their receivables.

Automobile Lenders, Lien Holders and Insurers can no longer afford to take the high risk of financing and renting without Vehicle Protection and a method to secure their Money on the Streets.

Automobile payment-retrieval devices have become necessary to change the way customers prioritize their car payments and automobile insurance. The suffering economy, plus the advancement in car-theft organizations, has generated highly sophisticated 2nd generation payment-retrieval devices that are GSM/Digital Wireless, incudes Global Positioning, and requires no software.

Unlike older products, there are no keypads and relays to install, the GPS Finance enForcer installation is easy and discreet, the customer does not see anything; if you have been looking at competitor GPS products, Ask the Right Questions before you purchase your GPS system.

The GPS Finance enForcer puts you in a strategic position when all your Letters and Phone Calls have been ignored. Force your customers to pay on time or to bring your rental back to the car lot just like the Phone, Electric and Cable companies...NO PAYMENT, NO CAR!

The GPS Finance enForcer system is more powerful than any typical vehicle tracking device; it is a complete Internet-based Car Payment Collection Tool.

  • WARN delinquent customers when they need a Reminder to make a Payment with a audible beeping sound every time they start the car .
  • Receive real-time LOCATION, DIRECTION & SPEED LIMIT using the Internet when customers avoid your Phone Calls and Letters and to see if they have skipped or are still in the area.
  • Enforce a Real Consequence on Delinquent customers; Disable the Vehicle Starter and Collect your Money or Collect your Car.

If you are ready to take your company to the next level using business-smart technology and if you're interested in saving money and collecting your accounts receivables on time, GPS implementation will benefit you. If properly used, the GPS Finance enForcer will improve cash flow and will reduce your delinquencies.

Put your CAR PAYMENT in the same LEAGUE as the ELECTRIC, PHONE & CABLE Company....The "BILLS TO BE PAID" List......and make your ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES GET Out of the RED and....BACK in the BLACK!

GPS Finance enForcer Vehicle Tracking Benefits:

  • Spend Less Time trying to Collect from Delinquent Customers
  • Retrieve Lost Rentals & Loaner Vehicles
  • Enforce a Consequence on Late Car Payments
  • Upgrade Inventory
  • Pickup Repo’s in the same day
  • Finance every Customer that walks in the door; Improve your Cash Flow

The GPS Finance enForcer system allows you to manage your gps-equipped vehicles and your accounts receivables with user-defined groups, such as, "Paying On Time", "Delinquent 7-Days" or "Repo In Progress". The website application is color-coded so that you can easily see the current status of all your accounts.

The precision and mapping system of the GPS Finance enForcer are unbelievable. Locate your customers 24/7 using any Internet browser. Check out mapping images below.

Figure1, Aerial Imagery: GPS Finance enForcer Vehicle Location in Jacksonville, Florida


Figure2, Street Map: GPS Finance enForcer Vehicle Location in Jacksonville, Florida


GPS Finance enForcer is a trademark of DirectTRAX,LLC. This system has superior performance and extensive digital coverage, spanning the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe and beyond. Check out our images while performance testing on our Alaska Road Trip.

Contact us for a LIVE DEMO; get pricing details at DirectTRAX Pricing.

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