DirectTRAX Product Overview

DirectTRAX offers multiple vehicle tracking solutions for various applications. Our tracking solutions are turnkey and enterprise ready. There is no learning curve. Simply login to your tracking website and receive a street-detailed map, including Address, Speed, and Direction of your vehicle’s current location!

  • Each system includes a 12-Volt Wiring Harness, covert GPS & Cellular Antennas, Installation Guide and User’s Guide.
  • Our step-by-step installation guides demonstrate how easy it is to install your GPS device and connect the 12-Volt and Ground wires to your vehicle.
  • Unlike On Star and Lo Jack, GPS Trackers are transferable from vehicle to vehicle.

DirectTRAX vehicle tracking solutions include:

Finance enForcer Trackers -

are ideal for Vehicle Finance companies or for business owners that finance, rent or lease cars and want the power to control your Inventory and Collections. Our GPS Starter Interrupt systems save you time and money during Repossessions or when customers fail to return Car Rentals and Loaners.

Finance enForcer solutions offer discounted hardware pricing and a single Tracking Plan that allows you to monitor and manage large or small inventories.

Our Trackers are very affordable….there are NO MONTHLY FEES, NO ACTIVATION FEES, and NO CONTRACTS to sign.



GPS Fleet Management Solutions -

include a variety of Fleet Management tracking products to meet every budget from small to large organizations. DirectTRAX Fleet solutions provide more than a vehicle tracker system. Our solutions help businesses automate the management of their mobile assets and employees.

  • View whereabouts of your employees 24/7 using the Internet.
  • Reduce Overtime and Maintenance.
  • Eliminate employee use of your company vehicles for side jobs or weekend activities.
  • If their presence is known, GPS Trackers are guaranteed to change Driver behavior!



GPS TeenSafe Trackers -

are ideal for Parents of Teenage Drivers. GPS Trackers will help Parents train their Teenagers to drive better and arrive safer.

It’s 10:00 PM do you know where your teenager is?

Never before, have Parents been in a position to influence teenage driving behavior when away from home. Monitor speed limits and whereabouts.

TeenSafe Trackers allow you to:

  • Locate your Teenage Driver on the Internet 24/7.
  • View SPEED & DIRECTION (near real-time events).
  • Know when Teenagers travel to “OFF-LIMIT” Places.
  • Disable the Car Starter.
  • Receive up to 5-25% Insurance Discount!



GPS GuardDog Trackers -

are for consumers that need to monitor & locate a driver with the value added protection of an ANTI-THEFT & RECOVERY system.

Allows you to:

  • Know where your Family Members are when traveling.
  • Protect your vehicle from Car Theft.
  • Ensure Safe Transportation of Handicapped, Disabled & Elderly.
  • View whereabouts of RV Campers, Home Healthcare Nurses, and EMT’s.
  • Monitor Hurricane & Natural Disaster Evacuees.

We have a tracking system to fit everyone’s budget. Plus, you might be eligible to receive an automobile insurance discount! There is no Learning Curve, simply use the Internet to view SPEED, DIRECTION, and LOCATION.

Get "Peace of Mind" when your Loved Ones… are traveling on our Roads and Highways.


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