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GPS Finance enForcer Tracking Devices
Trimble's Trimweb Fleet Mobile Solution



Item: GPS Finance enForcer Vehicle Tracking Devices for Vehicle Finance, Car Rentals & Buy-Here-Pay-Here Car Dealers

GPS Finance enForcer is a Pay-Per-Use vehicle tracking solution that is designed for CUSTOMER DELINQUINCY MANAGEMENT and CAR PAYMENT COLLECTIONS.

Ideal for business owners such as, BHPH Car Dealers, Vehicle Finance and Rental Car companies. This system is a complete Car Payment Collections & Repossession Tool, featuring WARN & DISABLE modes to help collect your car payment or LOCATIE & ENABLE to help recover your Repo's. Each gps-equipped vehicle can be controlled 24/7 using any Internet browser. Digital Network coverage spans North America, Mexico, Canada, Europe and beyond.

GPS Finance Enforcer Hardware Pricing


Hardware Price

GPS Hardware

(Locate-Only Model)

$159.95 Each

* 10-Unit Minimum order required on all purchases. Contact DirectTRAX for Volume Discounts.


  • MULTIPLE USER ACCOUNTS for all your employees
  • VEHICLE STARTER INTERRUPT (Optional); offers the easiest installation on the market

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GPS Finance enForcer Pay-Per-Use Application Credits

Pay-Per-Use Vehicle Tracking solutions have NO MONTHLY Fees, you pay for cellular usage as-you-go. Application Credits are units of cellular airtime that are required to peform Location requests on the GPS Finance enForcer tracking website. The fee for each Application Credit is $0.50. A set number of Credits is required for each GPS command listed below:

    LOCATE = 2 Credits or $1.00
    WARN = 2 Credits or $1.00
    DISABLE = 3 Credits or $1.50
    RECOVER = 2 Credit or $1.00
    ALERTS = 1 Credit or $0.50
    PROGRAMMING = 1 Credit or $0.50
  • Application Credits are pool-able (or can be shared) across all vehicles.
  • Application Credits expire if no purchasing activity occurs within 3-years.
  • 100 Application Credits (or 50 Free Locates) are included with every new tracking device.

PURCHASE ADDITIONAL APPLICATION CREDITS. If you need to purchase additional Application Credits for the GPS Finance enForcer, a minimum order of 50-Application Credits is available, see below for pricing. Contact DirectTRAX by phone to purchase and receive your Application Credits immediately.

# of Application Credits

Pay-Per-Use Vehicle Tracking

(2 Credits = 1 Locate)

1 Application Credit

$0.50 or

$1.00 per Locate

50 Application Credits

(Minimum Order)


(25 Locates)

GPS Finance enForcer is a trademark of DirectTRAX GPS Mobile Solutions, LLC. Live Demo and customer references are available upon request.


Item: Trimble's TrimWeb Mobile Solution for Medium and Large-Size Fleets


Mobile Asset Tracking and Resource Management

Trimble's TrimWebis a complete fleet tracking & management solution for your mobile resources. The system pays for itself quickly in fuel savings, better allocation of mobile resources, and faster response to customer requests; plus reduce high risk driver liabilities and insurance costs by sending send alerts to drivers for safety issues such as speeding.

Trimble CrossCheck GPRS 850/1900 Mobile Unit

trimble hardware2

Trimble Messaging Display Unit

trimble hardware

TrimWeb monitors the location of vehicles, any time, anywhere; eliminating unauthorized access and abuse, as well, as reducing theft and insurance premiums

Trimble's TrimWeb Mobile Solution requires a cellular-based monthly Service Plan for each GPS-equipped vehicle.

TrimWeb™ Hardware & Services Pricing & Details











Monthly Service Plans



Contact Us for Pricing & Details.





Service Plans Priced as Low as
$24.95 to $39.95!


  • Basic Standard Plan (15-Min. Auto Updates)


  • Professional Plan (1-Min. Auto Updates)



Solution Support Includes

Technical Support

Product updates, Mapping updates

1 Yr-Hardware Warranty

Extended warranty & service available

Hardware service & repair, per incident


TrimWeb™ Overview

CrossCheck GPRS 850/1900 Mobile Unit

Real-Time mapping, messaging, reporting, and work force management

Standalone solution that manually or automatically communicates current status, including position, speed and direction

Fleet Message Display Unit (MDU) with 2-Way Data Messaging (Optional Accessory & Service)

DriveSafe Service (Optional)

DriverID Service (Optional)

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Description of TrimWeb Standard Solution (15-Min. Auto Update)




Mobile Resource Management Solution

Administrator Defined Logins

Live Status Dispatch Window

On Demand Location Requests

Intelligent Mapping System

Enter/Exit Geo-sites Feature

Nearest Vehicle Feature

Define Map Views

Route Playback Feature

Hot Zone Logic

Ignition On / Off & Idle Times

Configurable Starts Reports

Configurable Stops Reports

Message Display Terminal (Optional)

Configurable Speed & Stops Reports

Activity Summary Reports

Congregation Reports

Engine hours & mileage

Position Reports

Event Reports

Auto generated Email Reports

TrimWeb is a trademark from Trimble Mobile Solutions. Live Trimble TrimWeb Demo and customer references are available upon request.




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