DirectTRAX Vehicle Tracking Road Test Results (Alaska Roadtrip)

DirectTRAX is commited to offering high-performance GPS vehicle tracking systems at affordable prices.Before making our solutions available to our customers, we review and analyze every aspect of the total GPS vehicle tracking solution.

Based on our feedback and testing results, we have become deeply involved with a select few GPS manufacturers, resulting in high-performance and reliable vehicle tracking solutions.

Some of our testing includes disassembling the GPS hardware and observing the consistency and quality of the GPS Manufacturer.

Other criteria includes: Easy-installation, Discreet and compact hardware, Easy-to-use website application with the necessary features to get the job done, Long-term hardware reliability, Technical Support knowledge and response time, software performance, etc.,

Lastly, we evaluate the GPS hardware and overall system performance. We install our test devices in a vehicle and take a road trip thru several states, checking for cellular coverage and GPS antenna sensitivity. We determine how the device reacts to different environments, climate conditions, etc.,

Our GPS Finance enForcer is a GSM Wireless vehicle location & tracking system. This product's reliability and high-performance hardware is second to none.

Under gruesome roads, mountains, and weather conditions, this system performed like a champ during our vehicle tracking road-test trip to Alaska in 2007!

We traveled from Tallahassee, Florida, thru Canada and to our final destination, the Arctic Circle in Alaska. Check out some of our really cool mapping images of our Alaska Road Trip.









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