TrimWeb™ Mobile Resource Solution

Trimble offers the Reputation, Infrastructure and Scalability to grow with your Business.

A subsidiary of Trimble Navigation Ltd., Trimble Solutions have the backing of an industry leader in GPS technology. With more than 28 years of proven experience in developing location-based solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries, Trimble offers advanced vehicle location information & services for small and large fleets.

Trimble’s TrimWeb™ Mobile Resource solution provides advanced & intelligent mapping with Live Vehicle Staus. 2-way messaging, extensive reporting, and work order management allow you to monitor and manage your assets real-time.  Trimble Solutions provide both the platform services and the mobile GPS technology, so that you can be assured that they are designed to work together and that your solution will be tightly integrated.


TrimWeb™ is web-based and therefore may be accessed from any PC with your protected login. 

Manage your operational costs effectively.  Receive all the information you need about every vehicle in your fleet. 

Better management means reduced liability, lower costs, reduced overtime, more jobs and improved customer service.

You’ll know if the vehicle stopped and for how long, idle times, start times, distance, speeding events and routing paths. 

Be alerted when a vehicle enters or departs defined zones such as your driver’s home site, customer sites, etc. 

Obtain the number of miles driven and engine hours for your service records. 

Receive your “event” data real time.

TrimWeb™ Overview

CrossCheck GPRS 850/1900 Mobile Unit

Real-Time mapping, messaging, reporting, and work force management

Standalone solution that manually or automatically communicates current status, including position, speed and direction

Fleet Message Display Unit (MDU) with 2-Way Data Messaging (Optional Accessory & Service)

DriveSafe Service (Optional)

DriverID Service (Optional)




Administrator Defined Logins

Live Status Dispatch Window (near real time events)

On Demand Location Requests

Intelligent Mapping System

Nearest Vehicle Feature

Enter/Exit Geo-sites Feature

Define Map Views

Route Playback Feature

Hot Zone Logic

Ignition on / off & Idle Times

Configurable Starts Reports

Configurable Speed & Stops Reports

Activity Summary Reports

Congregation Reports

Engine hours & mileage

Position Reports

Event Reports

Auto generated Email Reports









Monthly Service Plans



Call for Pricing.

Note: Trimble Certified Installer to be contacted, estimate $100 per unit based on location and sensor data requirements.


  • Basic Plan
  • Standard Plan (15-Min. Auto Updates)
  • Professional Plan (1-Min. Auto Updates)

From as low as $24.95 to $39.95!

Solution Support Includes:

Technical Support, Product updates, Mapping updates

Hardware Warranty – 1 Yr

Extended Warranty & service available

Hardware service & repair – per incident


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