DirectTRAX Return Policy and Warranty

If you are not satisfied for any reason during the first 10 days you can return the device with accessories (antenna and wiring harness) and receive a full refund as long as the device has not been damaged or tampered with.  All shipping costs associated with returning the device for replacement will be the responsibility of the purchaser.  DirectTRAX will incur all shipping costs associated when sending the replacement.

1 Year Limited Warranty

If your tracker has been diagnosed as defective over the phone by a technical support team member, you may choose to have DirectTRAX ship a new one to you within 5 business days. If  DirectTRAX ships you a replacement before receiving your defective device, DirectTRAX may charge you via credit card, for the full retail cost of the replacement tracker. When you return your defective tracker to DirectTRAX, within 30 days, DirectTRAX will credit back the advance charge to your credit card. If you do not want to incur the advanced charge of our replacement tracker, DirectTRAX will send you a replacement tracker within 10 days after DirectTRAX receives your defective tracker. This limited warranty is good for 1 year. Discontinuance of service for 90 or more days without renewing service will void this 1 year limited warranty.


All orders ship via Federal Express or DHL, Monday - Friday. Delivery time is usually 5 business days unless otherwise requested by the purchaser.  Shipping cost will be the responsibility of the purchaser other than replacement of defective units.  DirectTRAX will incur the cost of shipping to purchaser replacement units if deemed defective as stated in our Return Policy.

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